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What Questions Should You Ask Divorce Lawyers In Bethlehem PA?

When meeting with divorce lawyers in Bethlehem PA for an initial consultation, it is essential to gather as much information about your case as possible. Using your time to the maximum requires that you make a list of any questions that you would need answers from the divorce attorney before your meeting. Failure to prepare and forgetting to inquire about any vital information relating to your case can backfire. You may even end paying extra for the attorney to answer the questions you missed at a later time. Most people who seek divorce lawyers in Bethlehem PA will likely have many questions about the financial implications of a divorce and child custody issues. Below is a range of subjects for you to pick from:

What is Your Attorney Fee Structure Like?

This should be your first question during the consultation with divorce lawyers in Bethlehem PA. Knowing about the fee structure of the attorney is essential. Specifically, you will want to find out whether or not the lawyer will charge you per hour spent on your case, plus the time spent answering your questions. You should also determine whether the attorney fees will be a fixed one. Since divorce proceedings usually take years to resolve, you must be prepared for the financial implications.

How Will You Proceed With My Divorce Case?

Every state in the country has different procedures when it comes to filing for divorce proceedings. Although the time length necessary to finalize a divorce will depend on how complex your situation is, your lawyer should be able to provide you an estimated timeline. If you are a full-time employee or have other obligations consuming the majority of your time, knowing the essential divorce procedures as well as analyzing the time commitments required can keep you prepared for what lies ahead.

What About Alimony?

Each state has specific rules dictating whether a spouse can make a claim for alimony from their partner. In some cases, the eligibility can relate to how long your marriage lasted, whether you or your wife stays at home to raise the children or the discrepancy in your earnings. Thus, regardless of whether you have concerns about your liability for its payment or you are the spouse who is seeking alimony, raising the question in the initial consultation can give you insight regarding your potential liabilities.

What About Child Custody?

When there are children involved, and both parties can’t agree privately about who will retain custody of the kids, it is paramount to understand from the start which factors are essential to state judges. This means, you should ask the divorce lawyers bethlehem pa about what your chances when it comes to obtaining custody. Since child custody problems prolong divorce proceedings, it is best you know which issues are ok to challenge and which are ok to concede. You might ask about alternative resolution options like arbitration or mediation if you feel trial is something you would want to avoid.

What Do I Need to Know About Splitting Marital Assets?

Most state laws on divorce provide a direct formula for allocating assets between spouses. However, this formula usually varies from state to state since state property laws dictate the right of ownership of each spouse. It is important to find out from the divorce lawyers bethlehem pa: what is the legal framework for allocating marital assets is in my state?



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