About Us

At Driscole Howell LLC, clients are guaranteed high-quality legal representation from lawyers who have their best interests at heart. Leo K. Howell and Rory B. Driscole are known for their thorough understanding of the Pennsylvania legal system, as well as their unique ability to build positive relationships with their clients. Together, these attorneys have built an impressive reputation in and around Allentown, where they serve a variety of clients. In addition to assisting those living and working in Allentown, the lawyers of Driscole Howell LLC also work with those residing in the nearby cities of Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Reading and Easton. Whether you require legal defense for DUI charges or a skilled negotiator for your debt settlement, you are encouraged to get in touch with Driscole Howell LLC.

Practice Areas At Driscole Howell LLC

The lawyers at Driscole Howell LLC are versatile, and thus, capable of assisting their valued clients with a wide array of concerns. Leo K. Howell primarily works with those who have been accused of committing crimes, with many of his cases involving DUI and DWI charges. Like Leo Howell, Rory B. Driscole works extensively with the criminally accused. He also enjoys providing targeted advice and representation for those in the midst of the divorce process. He can help divorcing and separating spouses come up with custody and visitation solutions that are in the best interest of all family members. Other practice areas attended to by Driscole Howell LLC include debt negotiation and estate planning. No matter the nature of your current legal concerns, you can rest assured knowing that, when you work with the respected lawyers of Driscole Howell LLC, your case will be handled by a Pennsylvania attorney with a track record of success.

Driscole Howell LLC: Proactive Representation In Allentown Pennsylvania

The attorneys at Driscole Howell LLC are known for their thorough understanding of the local legal landscape, as well as their impressive litigation and mediation skills. They understand the stress and anxiety experienced by their clients and are willing to work tirelessly to ensure that each and every case arrives at a successful resolution. At Driscole Howell LLC, your case will receive the attention it deserves from a lawyer capable of delivering excellent results. From criminal defense to divorce mediation, you can count on the lawyers of Driscole Howell LLC.