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7 Important Tips For Finding The Best Divorce Lawyer In Bethlehem, PA

Really, nobody wants it, but divorce is one of the unfortunate things that happen when a marriage relationship can no longer work. Divorce is usually an emotionally painful and difficult process as such it is important you find a good divorce lawyer who can make the process faster and less expensive. Below are 7 important tips that can guide you in your search for the best divorce lawyer in Bethlehem, PA;

1) Decide the process you wish to adopt for your divorce:

There are several processes that can be used for divorce, some of which are litigation, mediation, cooperative divorce etc. Before you embark on your search for a reputable divorce lawyer in Bethlehem, PA, you have to, first of all, decide on the process you wish to adopt. Your divorce lawyer should have experience divorcing couples using this particular process. Basically, you are to search for a lawyer that matches your intended divorce process.

2) Decide on the kind of legal service you want:

Although it is important to have legal representation and counsel during a divorce process, it does not necessarily have to be a big city law firm that will cause you some huge bucks. It all depends on the nature of your marriage and finances. If you own several companies and have huge assets, and probably have spent a huge part of your life with your spouse, then you may need an experienced divorce lawyer or firm.

But if you have no substantial asset or wealth and don’t have any children, then a simple consultation with a divorce lawyer Bethlehem, PA should be sufficient enough.

3) Decide what you can afford:

There is a direct relationship between what you pay and the type of legal services you get. You have to find a balance between these two variables. If you earn a six-digit monthly salary and have several properties then you should be comfortable enough to hire a good divorce lawyer.

On the other hand, if you are finding it difficult to live a decent life, then it won’t be wise to hire a big city divorce lawyer or firm.

4) Ask for reference:

Now that you have played your part by deciding the process you wish to employ, the kind of legal service you want and what you can afford, next is to find an actual lawyer that fits these parameters. The best way to do this is by asking around. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for finding reputable services. You can ask friends, family or colleagues for references. Perhaps they have worked with a divorce lawyer in Bethlehem, PA in the past with whom they are satisfied.

You can also ask a non-divorce lawyer for opinions. They may not be in that niche but they could point you in the direction of a great divorce lawyer.

5) Meet with 2 or 3 lawyers before you make your decision:

Divorces are not always pleasant, so it may be exhausting going from one divorce lawyer bethlehem pa to another telling your sordid stories. You may be tempted to just pick the first lawyer that comes your way. Do not do that. Meet with 2 or 3 attorneys. Each of them will have a different perspective on how to handle your case. You can then go for the approach that you are most comfortable with.



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